A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Anna 2/13/64

Thoughts before bed

Today was a weird day too boot.

I got the Michelle’s van repaired AGAIN, wonder if she is going to give me another casserole or (hmm I wonder if the one in the freezer is still good maybe I will have it for dinner tomorrow) she did give me that pair of coveralls once. That would be nice since mine have gotten a little grungy.

Then there was that woman today umm Wendy I believe, when she came to the shop she seemed really lost but offered me a job. Thought it was going to be some silly little repair like out of gas or needed new spark plugs, but she wants me to look into some “magic” stuff. I took the job only cause I can get a lot of new tools for the garage at 500 a job. Only down side she made me get new clothes but I pulled one on her and got come super compfy mens pants, none of that frilly crap, and a plain white shirt.

With the first 500 I am got a new saddle bag for my bike as a Valentine present, oh I also got that new top of the line wrench to carry around for my baby just incase she needs any tune ups on the road. I need to make sure I put them on in the morning.

This talk of magic is all foowy stuff but hay so I will act as the kids aunt tomorrow see that there is nothing wrong and get more for the shop I guess it will all work out and then I can go to the drive-in with my baby for Valentines day.

Don’t forget to send a bill to Mr. Peterson again in the mail.



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