A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Anna's Journal

1st enrty 2/23/1964

HEHE this is my first time ever writing in one of these. Should I start with
Dear Diary NEVER I know
Today we finally make it to Little Rock Arkansas. We stopped to eat at a little diner and look at some magazines to gather information so we can locate Auren and I can ask him some questions. Wendy thought she found something so we headed out on a camping trip.

By the time we got to the end of the road and started walking it was dusk. The trail wasn’t too bad but even as night fell I could see uninhibited as if I could see in the dark. Cool I figured out a new power. We hiked until we came upon a lake. From the lake came this weird noise and out rose this weird lobster like monster ready for a fight.

I got a good hit on it then it grabbed me that hurt like a bitch! I got lose only to drop my sword in the water I decided it was time to retreat to a safe distance. The time chased us only to grab Rod. Without my sword I was not sure what to do so on a whim I tried throwing my fire at him and Bam! Flying fire balls hehehe.

After defeating it I found (well Justin found it) my sword and then we noticed someone watch again what is it with us and creepy watchers. It turned out to be Auren woot woot!

Rod Justin and I got a fire going and made some food. We all sat around talking Auren didn’t have any new information but told Wendy to relax I seemed to be in control DUH

We don’t see eye to eye on things but we get along well enough though it seems Wendy really likes him go for it girl. We came up with a plan to see if they are tracking by money it is a little slow but I got time to write this was fun I need to remember to thank Justin properly for the book.



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