A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Anna's Journal 2


I would like to say that it is a new day but with the watch we did all night sleeping when it was not our turn. They feel as if they have run together. I had watch at the end of the night so I was one of the few that got a large chunk of sleep in one strip. Apparently at some point in time I hit Rodrick in my sleep. Maybe he deserved it? hehe

I got to teach Rodrck a little on sanding whilst we waited for something if anything to happen with our bobby trap. Around 1 or so I had an inkling for lunch and Rodrick agreed which is good because he was the one who would be making it. I showered he cooked.

After my shower the game was on. Auren had noticed odd goings well actually a lack there of during his watch. They asked me to take a look and yet again I could tell them that there was magic at work and a general sense of what kind. We formed a plan and headed out.

The hotel was covered in magic of all the bad kinds and the things inside where none the friendlier. We beat on them till 2 where dead but in all the commotion they got Justin. I still can not believe what I saw. He did what the bastard told him to do and left without a fight. I will cut his head off personally with a smile upon my face when we get Justin back.

We regrouped and headed out to find more like us willing to find to build an army to reclaim our friend.



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