A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 19, 1964

Well today was more interesting than i thought possible.

We drove to Crater Lake for some training were Anna proceeded to relentlessly melt snowmen with her green and black flames of awesomeness. She’s so cute when she’s motivated by anger. It wasn’t long before we had a visitor who turned out to be a spirit of the land. Apparently he sensed Anna’s power and asked if she would please stop because of it’s potential destructive power. I understand his concern but i believe Anna has more control over that fire than people give her credit for.

As we settled down for lunch we felt a disturbance on the mountain side so naturally we went to check it out. We found what looked like a portal to another plane and a women named Muninn whom I deduced was sent by Odin himself. She brought with her a huge metal construct that proceeded to test me, and my friends, to see if I was worthy of the magic he had instilled in me. I assume he had a pretty good idea that I was and that he was just wanting me to understand as well. With a little assistance from the spirit of the land we defeated it and I was given a set of beautifully crafted armor with the emblem of Odin adorned on it. Beautiful is actually a vast understatement.

Thank you Odin. I will strive to be the champion you know I’m capable of.



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