A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 23, 1964


3 days of driving really cramps your muscles.

When we left crater lake we decided to track down Auren, in Arkansas, who has the same powers as Anna and has had unwanted contact from the Disciples in the past. (And maybe a little extra wanted contact from Wendy, still investigating.) Sounds like a potential ally to me.
He’s been on the run from the Disciples since the California incident, which he was the cause of.

Instead of finding him we found some strange tentacle faced creature in a lake that decided to feel me up… with his entire face. Which reminds me, I really need a bath. After killing the bastard who had no respect for personal boundaries, we found Auren and caught him up on everything we’ve been through since meeting Wendy and got to know a bit more about his current situation and his past. Everywhere he goes the Disciples have been able to track him. Then Anna found an enchanted screwdriver that he had randomly picked up and was unaware was enchanted with some sort of tracking spell. It was then hurled into the lake and we set off to get away from it in hopes that was how they always knew were he was.



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