A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 25, 1964

Well today we found ourselves in a tiny town in North Carolina that, to be honest, I don’t even remember the name of. When we rolled in we noticed runes and sigils of various religions on the doors of basically every building there. They were used as protection from a creature of some sorts that’s been in the area for a decade.

Upon investigating we came to a shop different from any I’ve seen. It had a door in the back that I could sense a evil presence through. After talking the shopkeeper into letting us see her more exotic items, she led us through that door and we found ourselves looking at magically imbued items ranging from armor made of flesh to a monocle Anna bought to help her identify magical items. The strangest part was she payed for it by putting her hand in a black glove and it absorbed magic from her body. The shop keeper then gave me a small blue stone that has a natural pull towards a much larger stone in her shop and said we can use it to find other such shops. Very usefull.

When we left the shop we headed to a mans house who had an encounter of sorts with the local monster. He wasn’t thrilled by our presence but we managed to negotiate a claw from the creature for the price of way too many zeros which we’d be coming back for, unless we died horribly in the forest of course.

We headed into the forest next and herd the sounds of battle. Never turning down the opportunity to kill something that needs killing, we rushed towards the sound and found a man surrounded by 5 cat like tentacle equipped, things. We showed up just in time to watch him decapitate one. Nicely done sir.

After we killed them all, their momma wasn’t very happy. After killing her WE were quite happy. xD

The man we found turned out to be a known Hunter (at least to the tabloids) who apparently hates the Disciples as much as we do. So he accepted Wendys offer of payment to help us save Justin in D.C. with what I presume was happiness, kinda hard to tell with him.

But first we’re going to head to New York. Why? I have no clue. I assume Wendy will let us know in the morning.

Did I mention Anna caught the woods on fire? Gotta admit it was kinda funny. But there’s one thing I can say about her, she manages to make me smile every day. One way or another.



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