A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 14, 1964

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it was one I’ll never forget. I agreed to help a Private Investigator, Wendy, look into an unusual situation involving a local college professor that seemed to have multiple identities, or rather multiple people who had his identity. She also said that the world we live in isn’t quite what it seems and claims magic exists despite the worlds ignorance.

The grotesque seen of the murder of the professor nailed to the wall of his office, with a circle of what i presume to be his blood in the middle of the room, left me and a boy named Justin who was invited to help, speechless and hurrying in the opposite direction. Our other companion, a women named Anna, says she saw nothing but an immaculate office. I found that hard to believe until the young woman who showed us to the office attacked us, who seemed to not even be aware of the world except us, her targets. Justin stabbed her more times than you would think necessary to kill a person, but I know every strike was in fact needed to put a stop to her. He said she was already dead, which is why it took so much, and I’m inclined to believe him.

After the fight we were bandaging Justin’s arm and i felt a surge of energy transfer from me to him, effectively closing his worst wound. I don’t understand it yet but I’m now convinced magic does indeed exist. Ounce we got back to Wendy the front wall of her office building had been, removed, apparently due to an explosion. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Wendy at her apartment to discus what all this means and to learn more about the situation. Whatever is going on is much bigger than I originally expected but I assure you I am now dedicated to seeing this through to the end.



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