A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 15, 1964

Justin… I’m sorry.

Anna and I were at Wendy’s office this morning when, I guess it was magic but I’m more inclined to think of it as an undeniable omen, suggested that Justin was in danger. We didn’t know what to expect when we got to his house and it didn’t matter. I went in with the intention to do whatever was necessary to help.

Apparently that included disintegrating a “puppet” with one slash of my sword.

We weren’t fast enough. Justin’s mother died and there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent it, and I don’t intend to let that fact hamper my ability to be there for someone who needs me in the future.

Wendy, Anna, Justin and myself are in this together now until the end. I will protect them against these, Disciples, until either the entire cult is dealt with, or I draw my last breath.

Anna 2/14/64
Thoughts before bed

Man my head is spinning. Damn that 1st shot I haven’t had one hit me like that since I was 17 and in front of that kid none the less.

He’s a tough one for sure sewing his own arm up. Ouch, I mean I have taped together a few good cuts but none like his and he barley even flinched when I pored Vodka on it. Offered him a drink he has some balls.

I hope he didn’t notice my little slip ups.

We ruined a girls valentines forever the kid said she was dead already but if that was true she couldn’t have been standing there and not real sure where that dagger came from. It looked so gross but I ripped the bottom half of my shirt off to wrap it so no one else would wander by and pick it up.

The kid got cut a few times and when Rodrick looked at it something weird happened and one of the cuts disappeared. Wrapped the rest up in the rag I carry in my saddle bag Rodrick was a little worried about its cleanliness but I put a fresh one in there every time I use one so I can buff my baby when ever needed.

I think the kid is running from something he did not want to go to a hospital so I took him on my bike to Wendy’s place but there where cops and fire trucks there. The building she works in got torched.

Time to move!

She gave us an address to meet her at tomorrow and I took the kid home (man I hope he is as good of a kid as he seems and he doesn’t steal anything from the shop).

Got to find a place to hang my cool sword I bought with Wendy’s money today.

Rodrick has some odd hobbies for a chef I mean Blacksmithing?

The owner of the shop called it a Jovar it looks sooo sweet and feels just right its heavier at the end than the middle reminds me a little of swinging one of those huge wrenches that they use for processing machines or 18 wheelers. Skinny in the middle and the weight at the end but instead of bashing with it I get to slice things. Not sure if it is practical to own but hey for some odd reason it feels right to hold it like it was made for me. Maybe in the morning I should see if there is a way to jimmy rig it to attach to my bike. Oh the saddle bag was a perfect fit and looks so good on the bike.

MMM, sleepy, maybe today was a dream.

Anna 2/13/64
Thoughts before bed

Today was a weird day too boot.

I got the Michelle’s van repaired AGAIN, wonder if she is going to give me another casserole or (hmm I wonder if the one in the freezer is still good maybe I will have it for dinner tomorrow) she did give me that pair of coveralls once. That would be nice since mine have gotten a little grungy.

Then there was that woman today umm Wendy I believe, when she came to the shop she seemed really lost but offered me a job. Thought it was going to be some silly little repair like out of gas or needed new spark plugs, but she wants me to look into some “magic” stuff. I took the job only cause I can get a lot of new tools for the garage at 500 a job. Only down side she made me get new clothes but I pulled one on her and got come super compfy mens pants, none of that frilly crap, and a plain white shirt.

With the first 500 I am got a new saddle bag for my bike as a Valentine present, oh I also got that new top of the line wrench to carry around for my baby just incase she needs any tune ups on the road. I need to make sure I put them on in the morning.

This talk of magic is all foowy stuff but hay so I will act as the kids aunt tomorrow see that there is nothing wrong and get more for the shop I guess it will all work out and then I can go to the drive-in with my baby for Valentines day.

Don’t forget to send a bill to Mr. Peterson again in the mail.

Justin's Journal - Entry 1

Another city, another journal.

My last one only have a few pages left in it anyway. I’ll put it on the shelf with the others. This city is nice. I can always see the ocean and those endless green hills.

I’ve decided that I like this kind of place more than places like Cairo. None of the suffocating sand. It rains so often though… It’s something that I will have to get used to again. It’s somewhat like being back in London again.

I have been spending time at the local university since I arrived here. They’ve been treating me as a perspective student. I haven’t exactly corrected them on that point yet. I’m not technically lying to them. Though… I suppose it’s close enough to still be wrong.

I would love to go to a real school like that, but Mother and I can’t stay in one place long enough. I hope that we can stay here in Seattle for at least a little while though. Even with the rain, or perhaps because of it, the air is always so fresh, even in the city.

I woman found me in the library this morning. She said that there was something I could help her with. I have no idea what that could be, but… I would like a chance to help someone. I think I’ll go meet with her. I mean, talking couldn’t hurt.

The woman turned out to be some kind of investigator. I met two others. A woman who, from the smell, must be some kind of mechanic and man. The man (Rodrick is his name,) and I had a pleasant conversation about a few things, but I was fascinated by the woman’s (Wendy. Her name is Wendy Llewellyn,) wall. It was covered in writing and pictures for all sorts of things. I was trying to figure out what it all meant, but I didn’t have much luck. It didn’t really matter though, as I guessed that Wendy would tell us what we needed to know.

…This may have been a mistake. No… It was very much a mistake.

Wendy was trying to tell us about magic. Trying to get us to help her track down a professor who uses some kind of mental manipulation. It’s very dangerous. Especially…

I shouldn’t go. She said that I don’t have to. I should just go home.

But I also know where this professor’s office is. And have a good reason to be there.

I need to think about this…

This was stupid. Foolish. I went to meet them and… I shouldn’t have. We went to the office and… there was blood everywhere… The real professor was nailed to the wall. There was even some kind of summoning circle on the floor. I tried to get everyone out as fast as I could. They really didn’t know what they were getting into.

Then again, I guess I didn’t either.

One of those… things followed us out. A puppet. It attacked us, so I had no choice but to put it down. I hope the girl won’t hate me for it. Mother always said it was better that way. To beat them or cut them until they stop moving. I can’t really say ‘kill’, seeing as they’re already dead. The others, Rodrick and Ana had weapons too, but they hadn’t used them for long, nor had they seen a puppet move before. I’m… I’m glad that the only one who was hurt was me.

I didn’t go home that night. We went to tell Wendy what happened, but it turned out that most of her office had been blown up. She told us to meet her the next day, once things had settled down. I stayed at Ana’s house. I called Mom. I… well I sort of lied to her. More that I didn’t tell her anything important. I’ll have to tell her soon… tomorrow. Once I go home. I have one more meeting with Wendy, then… Maybe I can leave this whole mess behind me.

We went to her apartment instead and she explained more to us. Too late, I’m afraid. She told us that the professor was part of a group called the Disciples and that they were responsible for a lot of bad things. I’d never heard of them before. Maybe I should ask Mother. She… knows a lot about these things.

Wendy wanted us to go with her, on some… trip across the country. I’m tired of that. I don’t want to have to run anymore. I just want to stay here.

I’m going home, and I don’t intend to come back.

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 14, 1964

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it was one I’ll never forget. I agreed to help a Private Investigator, Wendy, look into an unusual situation involving a local college professor that seemed to have multiple identities, or rather multiple people who had his identity. She also said that the world we live in isn’t quite what it seems and claims magic exists despite the worlds ignorance.

The grotesque seen of the murder of the professor nailed to the wall of his office, with a circle of what i presume to be his blood in the middle of the room, left me and a boy named Justin who was invited to help, speechless and hurrying in the opposite direction. Our other companion, a women named Anna, says she saw nothing but an immaculate office. I found that hard to believe until the young woman who showed us to the office attacked us, who seemed to not even be aware of the world except us, her targets. Justin stabbed her more times than you would think necessary to kill a person, but I know every strike was in fact needed to put a stop to her. He said she was already dead, which is why it took so much, and I’m inclined to believe him.

After the fight we were bandaging Justin’s arm and i felt a surge of energy transfer from me to him, effectively closing his worst wound. I don’t understand it yet but I’m now convinced magic does indeed exist. Ounce we got back to Wendy the front wall of her office building had been, removed, apparently due to an explosion. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Wendy at her apartment to discus what all this means and to learn more about the situation. Whatever is going on is much bigger than I originally expected but I assure you I am now dedicated to seeing this through to the end.


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