A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 24, 1964

Last night we used Wendys credit card at a Hotel and set up a stake out across the street to see if the Disciples were using that to track our movements. It didn’t take long to work, they showed up the next day. We didn’t even realize it until Aurin noticed no one was leaving the building and very few would even go near it. So he headed over to it and went in through the back door hoping to get the drop on them.

They were ready for us. A Necromancer and his skeletons were waiting for us in the main lobby. The fight was going well until we summoned two huge dead flying dragon looking things, and he made a command to Justin and to our surprise Justin obeyed. It was like he didn’t know he was even doing it or was aware of anything around him for that matter. The Necromancer and Justin then flew off on the back of one of those things while we were stuck dealing with the other.

Luckily I had just borrowed Justins dagger earlier today so we can use it to track him. Unfortunately I had the opportunity to ask Odin a few questions directly and have decided we’re not ready for what would be laying in wait for us if we went straight after him. We don’t have the knowledge or experience to bring the fight directly to the Disciples. So now we’re off to find anyone else who might be like us to join our fight and if we fail I guess we’ll just have to fight the Disciples as we are because I will not leave Justin in there hands for long.

Anna's Journal 2

I would like to say that it is a new day but with the watch we did all night sleeping when it was not our turn. They feel as if they have run together. I had watch at the end of the night so I was one of the few that got a large chunk of sleep in one strip. Apparently at some point in time I hit Rodrick in my sleep. Maybe he deserved it? hehe

I got to teach Rodrck a little on sanding whilst we waited for something if anything to happen with our bobby trap. Around 1 or so I had an inkling for lunch and Rodrick agreed which is good because he was the one who would be making it. I showered he cooked.

After my shower the game was on. Auren had noticed odd goings well actually a lack there of during his watch. They asked me to take a look and yet again I could tell them that there was magic at work and a general sense of what kind. We formed a plan and headed out.

The hotel was covered in magic of all the bad kinds and the things inside where none the friendlier. We beat on them till 2 where dead but in all the commotion they got Justin. I still can not believe what I saw. He did what the bastard told him to do and left without a fight. I will cut his head off personally with a smile upon my face when we get Justin back.

We regrouped and headed out to find more like us willing to find to build an army to reclaim our friend.

Anna's Journal
1st enrty 2/23/1964

HEHE this is my first time ever writing in one of these. Should I start with
Dear Diary NEVER I know
Today we finally make it to Little Rock Arkansas. We stopped to eat at a little diner and look at some magazines to gather information so we can locate Auren and I can ask him some questions. Wendy thought she found something so we headed out on a camping trip.

By the time we got to the end of the road and started walking it was dusk. The trail wasn’t too bad but even as night fell I could see uninhibited as if I could see in the dark. Cool I figured out a new power. We hiked until we came upon a lake. From the lake came this weird noise and out rose this weird lobster like monster ready for a fight.

I got a good hit on it then it grabbed me that hurt like a bitch! I got lose only to drop my sword in the water I decided it was time to retreat to a safe distance. The time chased us only to grab Rod. Without my sword I was not sure what to do so on a whim I tried throwing my fire at him and Bam! Flying fire balls hehehe.

After defeating it I found (well Justin found it) my sword and then we noticed someone watch again what is it with us and creepy watchers. It turned out to be Auren woot woot!

Rod Justin and I got a fire going and made some food. We all sat around talking Auren didn’t have any new information but told Wendy to relax I seemed to be in control DUH

We don’t see eye to eye on things but we get along well enough though it seems Wendy really likes him go for it girl. We came up with a plan to see if they are tracking by money it is a little slow but I got time to write this was fun I need to remember to thank Justin properly for the book.

Justin's Journal - Entry 5

Anna decided that it would be best if we could track down this “Auren” person. I guess he has the same power that she does. Problem is that Wendy has told us again and again that he doesn’t know anything about it either. Sometimes, Anna doesn’t really listen, but I don’t have anywhere else to go. I don’t want to argue the point, so it’s back on the road.

I hate the road, even if it’s pretty much all I’ve ever known. We drive by all these little towns and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live a life like that. I doubt I’ll ever manage it. That’s a life that humans lead.

I’m not human.

Mother always scolded me when I thought about it like that. She always told me that I’m no different than any other human. I think… she didn’t want me to start thinking that I was less than human. Lower than them. For some reason, I feel that’s how I should think. Yet, I also feel that some part of me thinks that I’m better than they are. Stronger than they are.

…This is all just a waste of time. There’s no point in wishing that I was something I’m not.

We found a monster living in a lake. It… was unpleasant. Some sort of giant, tentacled insect if I were to guess. Monsters come in all sorts of shapes. Together, we killed it and Wendy managed to find Auren nearby. I guess he attracts monsters somehow.

…When I saw him, I had this strange feeling that we’d met before. I guess he felt the same way, but the chances of that were far too small to even consider the feeling past my initial reaction. He was very polite, avoided eye contact, and was about as clueless on the fire and it’s origins as Wendy had told us he was.

It took some convincing, but we managed to talk him into coming with us for now. I just hope that it will lead to something good.

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 23, 1964


3 days of driving really cramps your muscles.

When we left crater lake we decided to track down Auren, in Arkansas, who has the same powers as Anna and has had unwanted contact from the Disciples in the past. (And maybe a little extra wanted contact from Wendy, still investigating.) Sounds like a potential ally to me.
He’s been on the run from the Disciples since the California incident, which he was the cause of.

Instead of finding him we found some strange tentacle faced creature in a lake that decided to feel me up… with his entire face. Which reminds me, I really need a bath. After killing the bastard who had no respect for personal boundaries, we found Auren and caught him up on everything we’ve been through since meeting Wendy and got to know a bit more about his current situation and his past. Everywhere he goes the Disciples have been able to track him. Then Anna found an enchanted screwdriver that he had randomly picked up and was unaware was enchanted with some sort of tracking spell. It was then hurled into the lake and we set off to get away from it in hopes that was how they always knew were he was.

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 19, 1964

Well today was more interesting than i thought possible.

We drove to Crater Lake for some training were Anna proceeded to relentlessly melt snowmen with her green and black flames of awesomeness. She’s so cute when she’s motivated by anger. It wasn’t long before we had a visitor who turned out to be a spirit of the land. Apparently he sensed Anna’s power and asked if she would please stop because of it’s potential destructive power. I understand his concern but i believe Anna has more control over that fire than people give her credit for.

As we settled down for lunch we felt a disturbance on the mountain side so naturally we went to check it out. We found what looked like a portal to another plane and a women named Muninn whom I deduced was sent by Odin himself. She brought with her a huge metal construct that proceeded to test me, and my friends, to see if I was worthy of the magic he had instilled in me. I assume he had a pretty good idea that I was and that he was just wanting me to understand as well. With a little assistance from the spirit of the land we defeated it and I was given a set of beautifully crafted armor with the emblem of Odin adorned on it. Beautiful is actually a vast understatement.

Thank you Odin. I will strive to be the champion you know I’m capable of.


Today was a day of driving I usually love to drive but when it is in a truck full of people it seems to take forever. I got to do some sanding on the truck. Justin asked me to teach him how to sand the truck so he can help me out. I wasn’t to sure about it at first but he seems to be picking up quickly and is tougher than he looks.

More driving! I hope we get there soon my muscles are going to get soft with all this sitting. Justin finished my journal I will start writing in it when we finally get done with this slow road trip.

Wahahahahah hehehehe I think that there is no end to this trip.

Anna 2/19/1964

My day had started with a killer hangover and threats of girly clothes. I should have known then that it was going to be an interesting day.

We all had breakfast and talked about going to the mountain to train but it felt like Wendy was off about me. So I went down to work on the truck. Got the engine tuned to purr like a kitten.

By the time we made it to the top of the mountain my hangover had subsided quite nicely so I was able to focus on the task at hand. Control my fire and see if I can cast any other magic. The mountain top had a weird aura and I seem to be the only one quite sensitive to it.

The first thing was the magic casting and all Wendy could tell me was to think on it because we don’t know what I can do because no one has any insight to this power that I have that scares her. It is really hard to concentrate when you don’t know what it is supposed to be.

I think I irritated Wendy interjecting little tidbits and questions while she was working with Justin, who seems to have a nick for enchanting like me :).

I am going to find a way to enchant the truck so no one can hurt it, maybe make it fly and invisible! It will be the coolest truck ever!

We finally got around to working on me controlling my fire. For the exercises Wendy had Justin and I build SNOWMEN!!! It was the funest thing ever! We built 4 of them Rodrick somehow came up with carrots and a lot of yummy looking food. The first one I completely destroyed which I was not supposed to do somehow they wanted me to just melt the snow but nothing else. Then I heard a small voice from somewhere whisper something and bam got it just right. I was able to do it again, woot woot. We toast to my epicenes and Wendy pulls out a bottle of Vodka from Russia. I was almost moved to tears I insisted that we all have a new years toast to celebrate everything

As we where standing talking about food someone started talking about seeing something or someone in the woods. We all start looking around and finally spot it off in the distance. I suggest that I head off to investigate Rodrick argues that he should do it instead. I put my foot down and start out only to find him following me.

I turned out to be the spirit of the lake, I am getting used to all this talk of spirits and gods just not convinced my magic is tied to a god. He didn’t like my magic said it was too destructive. He said the god responsible for my powers was so old that their name had been forgotten before his time. NO HELP!

We feel a disturbance across the lake so he takes us there to check it out. It is some messenger for Rodrick’s god Odin. Who for some crazy reason want to test him or kill him not sure which. With the help of the spirit we kick its ass and look good doing it, I think. Rod got a spiffy armor necklace.

We returned to the truck and enjoy a lovely lunch. I noticed that many in the group write in these notebooks. I decide to ask Justin about it and I asked if he would make me one and he said yes!

We spend the night on the mountain and prepare for a road trip the next day.

Justin's Journal - Entry 4

I still can’t sleep.

Though… it doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much as I thought it might. I don’t feel particularly tired or fatigued. All I can really say about it is that there’s this sort of… buzzing in my mind that makes it harder to think properly. That alone makes me wish I could sleep.

I hope the others aren’t worrying about me too much. They have enough to worry about without me adding to that burden. I… suppose I should find some productive use of my sleeping time, if I can’t sleep.

We’re going to a place called Crater Lake. I’ve read about it before. Normally, I think I would be rather excited to see it, but I… just don’t really feel like it’s the best use of time. It makes me anxious, but I don’t have a choice.

There’s… something bothering me. I don’t feel… quite right, but I don’t know what it is.

We went up to Crater Lake. There was a lot of snow there. It’s still early in the year for the top of a mountain. The others had to practice their newly acquired magic skills. Wendy tried to tell me that I must also have some… sort of magic. I haven’t told her about my body healing, but I don’t really think of that as magic.

My thoughts are scattered right now… It’s hard to focus. Even my own journal doesn’t make sense to me right now, but I need to keep trying.

Right… The mountain… We made snowmen for Miss Anna to practice on. She did well. Mr. Rodrick somehow created food with his magic. That was very useful. He is a wonderful cook.

We met some sort of spirit that lived on the mountain. He was very kind, if a little shy at first. I managed to talk him into meeting with us.

A monster came out of some kind or portal. A huge, metal creature of some sort. Whatever summoned it, seemed to have some sort of interest in Mr. Rodrick. She made it sound like it was some kind of test for him. Maybe whatever being gives him magic wanted to make sure it made the right choice. Luckily, it seemed like he passed.

I’m happy for him. I really am.

Justin's Journal - Entry 3

I haven’t written in a few days, so I suppose I should… try and get my thoughts in order.

Mom died. They got her. I did… I tried to save her, but in the end, I couldn’t do a thing. I could never repay her for… everything she did for me. Now, I never will. Nor… will I ever learn for sure what secrets she was keeping from me. I know there were a fair few. I… can’t remember much from before we went on the run. I can’t remember anything clearly. I was too young for that. Then again, I sometimes wonder if that’s for the best.

I have to move forward on my own. I have to keep moving.

The others, Miss Wendy, Miss Anna and Mr. Rodrick, they came to my aid. I don’t want to trouble them further, but it seems that they won’t let me leave now. I could run, but I know that they’re just doing it because they worry about me. To be honest, I don’t think it’s me that they should be worried about.

My body has been acting strange since then. The injuries I took back then healed within an hour. I feel… something has changed in me, but I don’t know or understand what it is.

All I know, is that I want to make them pay for what they did to her.

We came to Portland. Miss Wendy asked me to help her construct her wall again. Luckily, I made some detailed notes before, so I was able to help. I admit, my heart wasn’t in it. I… haven’t been able to sleep very well since then. Every time I try, I hear her screaming as she died… I can only hope that the memory will fade with time.

We came up with a plan to infiltrate the Disciples’ stronghold here. I offered to be the one to do it. They objected, but they couldn’t argue with the fact that I was the most logical choice to play the part. I didn’t even have to tell them that I have practice with such things already.

They’re building an army of puppets. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do anything about it.

After I did what I was supposed to, and more, we returned to the place we were staying, but we were attacked by Miss Anna’s bike. We destroyed it together, though Miss Anna did most of the work. She wasn’t happy about it. That’s for sure.

Yet, she used some kind of power, or magic. I have… a bad feeling about it.

In the end, we’re on the run once more. I wonder… will we ever be able to stop?


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