A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Anna's Jourmal Entry 3


Чем больше я пишу в вас, тем больше я чувствую связь с Джастином и надеюсь, что он в порядке.
(The more I write in you the more I feel connected to Justin and hope he is alright.)

Today started with a bad night of sleep. After many hours of driving to keep my mind off our loss I finally loss my battle with fatigue and traded places to sleep in the back of the truck (Rodrick makes an okay pillow).

Who knows how much later I was awaken in a small town in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. It seems Auren stopped there because the town was covered in protection runes which upon closer inspection seem to be of the faith kind for protection. We decided to find a lounge for food and information and I reluctantly left the truck unprotected.

The food was awesome because I knew better and got lunch. We got info about the local legends and a list of locations to hit up for more. The first of which I was not about to step one foot in and it seems it didn’t have much use either (Rodrick got a charm for the truck it was silly but sweet). The second store was cool full of magic stuff in the back room. I got a monocle that enhances my ability to see magic but I had to pay for it by putting my hand a box that felt creepy. I will only ever do that again if I really, really want the item. Wendy and the old lady where mean looking at me like I was some childish kid not to be trusted with responsibility. :.(

We stopped at an old mans house got a little there then it was off to the woods. There we fallowed what seemed to be the sounds of fighting. In the woods we cam upon a sight not for the weak. A man surrounded by 5 cat tentacle things dodging in an impossible fashion as if they where not where they appear to be. The man (who has great taste in jackets) was able to take one out in a single swing but it is not as easy as it looks. I got yelled at by the stranger (Почему все так значит для меня сегодня) for missing once and that is another weird thing. A few of my shots seem to be not as hot as usual but burn longer. I will have to look into this new skill of mine.

After the cats where vanquished it turns out that we where just kitten murderers and Momma was out for revenge. I only take solace in the fact that they where killing the towns folks animals and we where helping. Momma was a tougher fight, I missed so many times I caught some trees on fire (маленькие пушистые зверьки, возможно, умер, я плачу за их прохождения) luckily I was able to put it out with a stronger blast. We came out on top and where able to talk to the stranger.

He is a hunter by profession named Tristan with a beautiful bike.

We made plans to set out in the morning for Washington D.C. and New York. Justin you will be safe before the month is over I promise.



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