A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Rodrick Bjarnsson February 24, 1964

Last night we used Wendys credit card at a Hotel and set up a stake out across the street to see if the Disciples were using that to track our movements. It didn’t take long to work, they showed up the next day. We didn’t even realize it until Aurin noticed no one was leaving the building and very few would even go near it. So he headed over to it and went in through the back door hoping to get the drop on them.

They were ready for us. A Necromancer and his skeletons were waiting for us in the main lobby. The fight was going well until we summoned two huge dead flying dragon looking things, and he made a command to Justin and to our surprise Justin obeyed. It was like he didn’t know he was even doing it or was aware of anything around him for that matter. The Necromancer and Justin then flew off on the back of one of those things while we were stuck dealing with the other.

Luckily I had just borrowed Justins dagger earlier today so we can use it to track him. Unfortunately I had the opportunity to ask Odin a few questions directly and have decided we’re not ready for what would be laying in wait for us if we went straight after him. We don’t have the knowledge or experience to bring the fight directly to the Disciples. So now we’re off to find anyone else who might be like us to join our fight and if we fail I guess we’ll just have to fight the Disciples as we are because I will not leave Justin in there hands for long.



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