Rodrick Bjarnsson

A man of strong conviction to uphold the natural law of the world.


AC: 24
AC with beard: 26
T AC: 10
FF AC: 16
HP: 99
FORT: 12
WILL: 14
GRAP M: 12
IN M: 0

Masterwork Steel Bastard Sword 1d10 19-20 x2
Masterwork Steel Heavy Shield +2 AC
Adamantium Odin Armor +2 AC

Exot. Pro. Bastard Sword
Combat Casting
Somatic Weaponry
Battle Blessing


Concentration: 14
Blacksmithing: 8
Diplomacy: 7
K. History: 5
K. Religion: 14
Cook: 4
Sense Motive: 17
Spell Craft: 6
**LANGUAGES!!!!!!!!** English Icelandic

-* Rodrick Bjarnsson was born on May 10 1939 in Grindavik Iceland and moved to Seattle WA. with his parents when he was 5. He had a love for creating since he was a boy which developed into an obsession with cooking and blacksmithing. In his teenage years he began to question his Lutheran upbringing and other religions in general. It wasn’t that he had a problem with their core beliefs, but rather that all of them thought they were the only ones that were right. So in college he took courses in Religious Studies and Origins of religions and came to the conclusion that all good intentioned religions were right and share the same base principles of the natural laws on the universe, which were the same laws that he himself always felt needed to be upheld. After college Rodrick started from scratch in the Culinary world working as a chef in small kitchens until one of his home recipes was “accidently” served to a local food critic. The critic then recommended him to a upscale Restaurant in the rich part of town were he’s been working for the last 7 months, saving his money to possibly one day open his own restaurant.

  • Rodrick loves great food, tinkering with metal, the Skyliner Rollercoaster, at Roseland Park in New York, which he got to ride while visiting a professor in New York, and above all else, honor.
  • Rodrick lives by 9 virtues governed by natural law:
  • Honor is better than Dishonor
  • Courage is better than Cowardice
  • Strength is better than Weakness
  • Freedom is better than Slavery
  • Diligence is better than Laziness
  • Excellence is better than Mediocrity
  • Loyalty is better than Betrayal
  • Hospitality is better than Bigotry
  • Wisdom is better than Foolishness

Rodrick Bjarnsson

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