Zinoviya Gusin AKA Anna Smith

Passionate Mechanic


Ability Score

STR 24
DEX 16
CON 21
INT 14
WIS 14
CHA 18


HP 207
AC 20 T AC 11 FF AC 13
SPEED 30 IM 2 GM 23


Masterwork Jovar +32/27/22/17 2d6+28 15-20 x2
Wrench +9/4 1d4+4 x2


Eldritch Blast 7d6
Hell Fire 6d6 -1 con


Mythical Chain Shirt of Twilight +4 +4
  • Magic Items**
Tool Belt + 4 to strength
Artificer’s Monocle identify abilities of item as if you had cast Identify
Gloves OF Eldritch Mixtures 3 Charges 1-2d6 2-3d6 3-4d6
Thunderbird Charm Protects from mind effects and enchants
Cog to Mechanis Door knocker
Amulet +4 Con
Justin’s Bracers +2 Dex
Biker Jacket of Resistance +5


Bluff: 18
Concentration: 23
Craft Jewelcrafting 8
Diplomacy 10
Disguise: 11
Intimidate: 18
Jump 13
Knowledge: Arcana: 14
Knowledge: Arch/Eng 5
Knowledge: The Planes: 21
Knowledge: Religion: 9
Profession (Mechanic): 14
Sense Motive: 14
Spellcraft: 10
Use Magic Device 10


Lvl 2 Detect Magic
Lvl 3 Damage Reduction -1/cold iron
Lvl 4 Deceive Item
Lvl 7 Damage Reduction -2/cold iron
Lvl 8 Fiendish Resilience 1
Lvl 11 Hellfire Infusion
Lvl 11 Fire Resist 10
Lvl 12 Hellfire Shield
Lvl 13 Energy Resist 5 cold and electricity
Lvl 14 Damage Reduction -3/cold iron
Lvl 15 Imbue Item
Lvl 16 Fiendish Resilience 2


Lvl 1 Hideous Blow Melee attack channels e.b.
Lvl 2 Beguiling Influence Gain +6 bonus Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate
Lvl 4 Devils Sight See normal in regular and magic darkness
Lvl 6 Other Worldly Whispers +6 bonus on knowledge arcana, religion, and the planes
Lvl 6+ Relentless Dispelling As targeted dispel magic, repeat next turn no action
Lvl 8 Brimstone Blast 2d6 Fire damage full round to extinguish or expires, reflex save
Lvl 10 Eldritch Chain E.b. jumps from initial to secondary target 1 per 5 lvls
Lvl 11 Hellspawnd Grace Take form of Helcat for # rounds = 1/2 warlock lvl
Lvl 13 Wall of Perilous Flames 2d4 fire damage out to 10 ft.. and 1d4 out to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 damage +1 1/2 damage super natural
Lvl 15 Eldritch Spear E.B. 120 Ft reach single target
Lvl 16 Utter Dark Blast Target must make Fortitude save or gain two negative levels for 1 hour


Vulnerable: -1 penalty to Armor Class
EF: Exotic Weapon Prof. Jovar
HF: Combat Casting
FF: Weapon Focus Jovar
1F: Power Attack
2F: Cleave
3R: Arcane Mastery
4F: Weapon Specialization Jovar
6R: Extra Invocation
6F: Spectral Skirmisher
8F: Improved Critical Jovar
9R: Steady Concentration
10F: Greater Weapon Focus Jovar
12R: Quicken Spell-Like Ability
12F: Melee Weapon Fighting (Slashing)
14F: Greater Weapon Specialization Jovar
15R: Leadership
16F: Slashing Flurry

Hell Cat

Ability Score
HP 207
AC 21 T AC 14 FF AC 16
SPEED 40 IM 9 GM 18
Claw +13 1d8+6
Bite +8 2d8+3
Rake +13 1d8+3
Balance 16
Climb 17
Hide 13
Jump 21
Listen 17
Move Silently 20
Spot 13
Swim 17
Improved Initiative +9




On January 10th 1943, I was born in the middle of the worst winter Norilsk had ever had. The temperature fell to -53° C and no one was going anywhere so my brother Mikial and his wife Inga helped my mother bring me into the world. I was an unexpected baby for my mother the youngest of my brothers was 12 and being a girl did not help me. My father had not wanted any more kids let alone a girl. I never remember him ever hugging of showing me any affection as I grew. My mother was sickly from the time of my birth till her death in December before my 2nd birthday.

Dmitry and Anton always told me it was my fault that she had died and I had killed her by being born. I never told them but I felt the same. So I never complained when they punched or pushed me.

Mikial and Inga took care of me most of the time because Inga could not have kids (but I was to tell no one that). He taught me how to work on all kinds of machines and how to be useful to Father. I seemed to have a knack for it and when being taught on a new machine I would pick it up fast. It only took 1 showing before I could do it myself.

At 10 Father started me working at the mines on the equipment. I was the best mechanic in town. For a few years things where not so unbearable at home until the accident. When I was born my 2 oldest brothers had died in the war and my father talked about Valdimir and Ivan and what great war heros they where.

It was the end of Mikial and my shift, I was 14, we where walking out when things began to rumble. Mikial turned to me and told me to run. I did with all my might not thinking to look back believing ha was right behind me. I was the only one who survived. After that day life my life at home became worse and worse with each passing season. Inga blamed me for not dying too, Dmitry and Anton chastised me and said I killed everyone who treated me kindly.

For 2 years I lived with their cruelty. It was on my 16th birthday that I had enough. I came home from the mines and Father was sitting at the table in the kitchen waiting for me. I knew something was wrong he never comes home first. As I walked in he proceeded to tell me he had found me a husband and in a month I was to have my stuff packed up and be married. He was the lead at the mine and Old Gross Dirty man that Had tried many times to get my affections.

That night I rode out on the mine train headed west maybe as far as America and my own car. I do small jobs here and there for money and food. never stopping for more than 4 days. I made it to the coast in about 5 month, but that was not enough for me, I wanted to get further away.

I met an old ship mechanic who was willing to smuggle me aboard and teach me all he knew if I would do his work. He introduced me to a man who helped me get paper that would help me find jobs. They worked on my accent and I picked the name Anna like my mother and they told me to go with Smith because it was a good American last name.

We arrived in America mid October. They introduced me to a junk yard owner who offered me a room and a job keeping the yard for a little pay. I took it up in a heart beat. Many of the old cars there still had their manuals in them so I took up teaching myself to read and read them at night.

It was a little before Christmas, whilst I unloaded a recent shipment of scrap metal, I met my first love. It was a 1956 BMW R67/3 Motorcycle. It had a 594 cc engine with top speeds of 93 mph. I begged the owner to let me keep her and fix her up with scraps in the yard. He thought it was a lost cause but agreed none the less.

I had her running by Valentines Day and took my first ride. I left there that summer and didn’t stop moving till I reached Seattle. Over my travels I had saved up enough I bought a run down garage in the slums of town and began Anna’s Repair Shop at the age of 18.

Zinoviya’s works hard so she can keep her shop open and do what she loves without someone there to boss her around.

She dreams to one day send all her days repairing and refurbishing old classics. To work on such grand works beauty and mechanisrty.

People who mistreat their car or motorcycle, kids, and cute animals, indecisiveness, and a drunk that cry or get violent. People with bad attitudes or are just plain jerks.

Working on cars of many make and models. Taking joyous rides on her bike. Cute, cuddly, adorable small things.

She is terrified to be found as a Russian and returned home or worse, and being underground.

Zinoviya Gusin AKA Anna Smith

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