A Tale of Stars and Darkness

Anna's Journal Enrty 4


Я нашел рай и не может ждать, чтобы найти Бога, который проживает здесь.
(I found heaven and cannot wait to find the God who resides here.)
It all started if off when we set off driving again. The group made it to New York in good time to stop at an interesting magic shop where I was able to get my Jovar tuned up a little and some awesome gloves that help my fire attack. The shop keeper says I can use it up to 2 times a day or 1 big whammy. Rodrick got a black piece of fabric that he can use as a black smith woot woot. I asked him to work on my dash board and a necklace to hang my monocle on.

Afterwards Wendy led us to a shop where a “friend” of hers lives and works, his name was Johnny. He seems to fight evil creatures like us as well. He had a weird camera that not only takes your picture but reads you magic strength and what type it is. I now have a name for it “Hellfire”, but still no clue who gave it to me or why.

We met back up with Tristan in D.C. to prepare for our attack on the Disciples’ D.C. base. We agreed to attack at dusk.

Upon arriving it was not much to look at but the guard at the door was a brute. We made our way through the building almost getting blown up. On the second floor we set off a trap and the hall filled with skeletons and then the man who took Justin, Arthur. We fought our way through the hall trying not to get killed at the same time. At the end of the hall was a Huge nasty who took forever to fight but we won!!!

I got the cutest puppy ever and he seems to somehow be made of the same magic as mine, and Arthur seemed to be wearing some amazing magic armor so I may have taken it off him for Rodrick to clean and fix up for me.

Things began to rumble and shake so we ran for the stairs to save Justin in the basement. As we got there we found him looking a little worse for wears and a strange twinkle in his eyes that worries me a little.
ДА Джастин является безопасным, но его личность немного не в духе.
(YEAH Justin is safe but his personality is a bit out of sorts.)

As we ran for the truck and get away we are stopped by the FBI I thought my life was over.

They took us to their office and asked us all questions individually. They told me I had to leave the U.S.A. but if I continue to work for Wendy they would give me all I needed to return (I added a new bike to the deal). I told them if Wendy reads over it and is okay with it I would sign it. They returned our stuff and opened a magic door to The Planes.

Where I found my heaven. A world made out of nothing but machines. I oops and Asked a question that they felt was a little cruel but Auren smoothed it over for me so I got to go to their place of learning. I was given instructions for an hour and I learned more than I had my whole life.

As we continued onward we found out about their God and decided to go on an adventure and find him. We have made a stop on the way to rest it feels as if we have een walking for hours.



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